Yep! You read right! Sugar Sweet Promotions and Punk Rock Promotions have MERGED together to form a great new site:


The new site, which is at, combines everything from the two sites, and has even added more! Click the 'MERGED TOGETHER' link to transfer to the new site!

Please remove the Sugar Sweet Promotions and/or Punk Rock Promotions banner/button from your site, and replace it with a Borderless Promotions button (available on that site), and link it to Thanks!

All the pages of Sugar Sweet Promotions and Punk Rock Promotions will still be active for awhile, to ensure that you can find your favorite pages. HOWEVER, they won't be updated or changed since the sites have merged together.

The site was so big, that it's impossible to make sure that EVERYTHING came across the right way. SO, that is where YOU get involved! If you see a BROKEN LINK, MISSING PICTURE, ANYTHING, *please*, write me at so I can fix it!